Atkins diet

Really this diet works?

Advertising agencies have spoken out against misleading advertising.

Searching say the body of everyone reacts the same way to different approaches to lose weight. Does the key is to find a match for your body and metabolism in different ways?

The creator Dr. Atkins, who was a well-known cardiologist, limiting the intake of sugar and carbohydrates of their patients created this diet. As a result, many of his patients lost weight successfully!

Good for a long time I did this diet … and I realized that I lost weight yes .. but a lot of muscle mass, I realized that my wrists were thin. I realized that I lost muscle mass along with weight.

I’m really analyzing what can work to really have a diet that meets and stay lean healthily.

Dr Atkins limits the intake of carbohydrates and protein should consume only where the body produces a substance that burns fat (and also the muscle mass).

a little more about it and see which are the most interesting steps to accomplish this diet.

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